Prof. ChenzhoChenzhong Ling Li, the principal investigator of the nanobioengineering/bioelectronics  lab,  in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Florida International University (Miami). Dr. Li received his M.Sc and Ph.D from Kumamoto University in Japan . Dr. Li served as a post-doctoral research associate at the university of British Columbia and  as professional research associate at the University of Saskatchewan and Adnavance Technologies, Inc. He worked at Nanobiotechnology/Biosensor Group of Biotechnology Research Institute, Canada National Research Council as  Research Officer till 2006. He joined in FIU in 2006 and  tenured in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and an affiliated faculty in the Department of Immunology at the College of Medicine.  Dr. Li is an expert in nanomedicine, bioelectronics, POCTs,  and electrochemistry, specifically in the development of biomedical devices including biosensors and biofuel cells. Dr. Li’s research interests also include Biosensors, BioMEMS, Lab on Chip, Point Care of Testings, cell biology, biomarker and  nanotoxicity measurements and electron transfer study of various biomolecules.

Dr. Li has made significant impact in the areas of clinical point-of-care diagnostics,  biodefense and environmental related applications of biosensor technology, specifically, sensors incorporating whole cells and those used for disease-related biomarker analysis. His research employs the interfacing of bioengineering with cell electronics, bio-nano conjugations, functional nanomaterials, and device fabrication.

The impact of his work is documented in 7 granted patents, 2 provisional patents, about 100 peer-reviewed journal papers and proceedings, 3 books, 7 book chapters, over 140 presentations at National/International conferences including more than 90 keynote/invited lectures and seminars. As of July 2015, his publications have been cited approximately 2300 times, for an H index of 29, as calculated by the ISI web of science. Several publications have been highlighted on journal cover pages, in numerous third-party publications and on websites including Materials Today,, and

In addition to his research activities in the USA, Dr Li has established broad international research collaboration with top level research groups in China, Japan, India, Turkey and Kazakhstan, all of which are financially supported by government agencies including NSF (USA), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Indo-USA foundations (India), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Science and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MESKZ).  His service to the biomedical engineering profession has also been quite extensive. He is the associate editor of 4 scientific journals including Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, the Biosensors Journal, PLOS one, and Chemical Sensors. He also serves on several editorial boards including Nanomedicine NBM, the American Journal of Biomedical Science, the Journal of Nanoscience Letters, Patents on Nanomedicine, Journal of Neuroscience and Neuroengineering and the International Journal of Nanomedicine.

In recognition of his work, Dr. Li has received several awards and honors including the Kauffman Professor Award in 2009 and 2011, 2012 International Resource Award from Indian National Dairy Institute, the 2013 FIU Collage of Engineering and Computing (COC) Outstanding Faculty Award in Research,  2014 JSPS (Japan) Professor Fellowship Award and 2014 Excellent Faculty Award in Research and Creative Activities .