We welcome interested and motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join the lab. Interdisciplinary projects in the Nanobioengineering/Bioelectronics Lab require skills from the fields of biomedical instrumentations, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, physics, electrical engineering, neuroscience, biology, materials science and data/signal processing, so we will always seek applicants with a wide variety of skill sets to advance our research.

Prospective applicants will mostly fall into the following categories:

  • Prospective graduate students to the Department of Biomedical Engineering should apply through the web site of College of Engineering and Computing  with emphasis in biomedical instrumentation, nanotechnology and sensors. It is highly recommended to explicitly state research directions within our lab in the statement of purpose and in the research interest sections of the application.
  • Undergraduates: We are always interested in motivated undergraduates who would like to be involved in assisting ongoing research projects or engage in an independent project of their own. If interested, please send your inquiries to licz@fiu.edu.
  • Prospective postdoctoral scholars/visiting scholars should email to licz@fiu.edu with a CV and a statement of research interests and how those interests fit with the lab direction.