Research Overview

Dr. Chenzhong Li’s Lab, also called the Nanobioengineering/Bioelectronics Lab, is located at the Motorola Nanofabrication Center of Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute in FIU. The research of our group interfaces with biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, nanobiotechnology,  electrochemistry,  biochemistry,  nanomedicine, analytical chemistry, and materials science. The  research focuses of the lab  are on the integration Aof  cellular electronics, bio-nano conjugations, BioMEMS/NEMS, functional nanomaterial to  bioelectronic devices for whole cell analysis, cell manipulation  and for Point of Care Testings (POCTs). This work looks ahead to the next generation of biosensors and biofuel cell for POCTs, tele-medicine, clinical diagnosis and therapy, toxicity assay, environmental monitoring and homeland security.

The Nanobioengineering and Bioelectronics Laboratory with its nanoelectronics, biosensors, and biofuel cell projects will lead to novel and powerful tools for the integration of nanotechnology with biology, advanced MEMS technology and electrochemistry.  This opens the possibility of developing these novel and powerful tools for the applications of fundamental biological research, homeland security, medical diagnostics and environmental protection.

You can find the  video of the group.